707 Citrus - D-Limonene Fortified Degreaser

707 Citrus - D-Limonene Fortified Degreaser

707 Citrus is a natural citrus based cleaner used to perform general cleaning and moderate soil removal. This formula incorporates the outstanding cleaning and odor control of citrus extract and is water dilutable. Noramlly used at a dilution raste of 35:1 or 70:1

Advanced detergent system — fortified with natural citrus solvent
Balanced builder blend — maintains alkalinity over wide dilution range. Good hard water tolerance
Surface safety — built-in corrosion inhibitor
USDA Rating — C-1

Density (lb/gal): 8.68
pH (Conc./1%): 13.2/11.2
Flashpoint (TCC): None
Refractive Index: 1.3514
Color/Odor: Orange/Citrus

For General Cleaning and Degreasing: Use one part product with 20 parts water.
For Heavier Cleaning: (printing presses, industrial machinery, etc.), use one part product to 4-8 parts water. For such things as cleaning and degreasing automobile engines, use with equal parts of water.
Apply with a low pressure sprayer or mop. Allow to stand a few minutes, then rinse off with high pressure or plenty of water.
See product label for additional directions for use.

Commercial, industrial institutional maintenance cleaner. For all hard surfaces.

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