727 Pretreat - Rubber Tire Mark Remover

727 Pretreat - Rubber Tire Mark Remover

727 Pretreat is designed to remove forklift tire marks from burnouts and brake skids. This pretreat incorporates the powerful cleaning of natural citrus extract, and is intended to be used directly on the floor at 100% concentration.

Removes Stubborn Rubber Marks FAST
Penetrates and Loosens Dried Soils
Dilutable for a Wide Range of Cleaning Applications
Makes Floor Cleaning Easier — Promotes Neat, Uniform Appearance

Appearance: Clear, yellow liquid
Odor: D-Limonene
Density (lbs/gal)(±0.1 @20°C): 8.55
pH (Conc. ±0.5 @20°C): 12.5
Refractive index (±0.0020 @20°C): 1.3628
Foam generation: Moderate
Stability (40°-120°F): Stable
Freeze/thaw stability: OK 3 cycles
Shelf life (Closed containers, 40°- 120°F): 1 year minimum
D.O.T. classification: Not regulated Biodegradable (per 16CFR260): Yes

Wear safety equipment recommended on MSDS. Read all directions and cautions prior to beginning work. Remove loose soil and garbage. Before cleaning floors, place Wet Floor signs near work area.
Apply liberally to rubber marks in a workable area. Allow to work a few minutes. Scrub thoroughly (double scrub if necessary). Repeat as necessary.
See product label for additional directions for use.

Industrial maintenance cleaner — safe on most industrial surfaces.


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