Norbond A7400

Norbond A7400

White, Double-Sided, Acrylic Foam Tape
Saint-Gobain NORBOND® A7400 series is a white, double-sided, coated acrylic foam tape with outstanding viscoelastic and adhesion properties. It offers ideal bonding performance for many interior and exterior industrial applications where a white aesthetic is required. A7400 is formulated for durable, long-lasting adhesion to high surface energy substrates.

The A7400 series viscoelastic core is specially designed to provide the following features:

  • Great conformability and stretching
  • Resistance to weathering degradation (UV and high temperature)
  • Excellent performance in T-block and dynamic shear
  • Outstanding static shear adhesion
  • Durable adhesion at elevated temperatures
  • Shock and stress absorption

Available Sizes
Standard thickness: 0.6, 1.1 and 2.0 mm
Master roll size: 800 mm x 33 m, 30 m, 15 m
Special thickness and roll sizes also available.


  • Hinges, handles and control elements for appliances
  • Mirror mounting
  • Roof panel bonding on truck cabs
  • Industrial machinery components

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