Norseal Microcellular PUR

Norseal Microcellular PUR

Norseal® microcellular polyurethane foams are offered in a broad range of properties, making them ideal for a variety of gasketing and energy absorption needs. Norseal® microcellular foams are categorized by degree of deflection force. By varying the modulus and density, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has developed a series of high-performance foam materials that meet the demands of design engineers in today's market.

Product Range

  • K10/K20 very soft
  • K30 soft
  • K40 medium
  • K50 firm (K7000& K9000)
  • K60 very firm (K8000)


  • LS7000 bumper/foot pads
  • PF45 medium grade for EV battery
  • PF47 soft grade for EV battery
  • V790 (Log Home Foam)